“Baby, Get Dressed” — 5th Generation Star Drives Korean Netizens Crazy With Shirtless Pictures

“Wow, crazy, his face is really handsome, and his body is fine too.”

RIIZE‘s Sungchan just decided to drop a bomb on us with his latest vacay pics this week, and honestly, the internet is losing its collective mind. This isn’t your average “look at me chilling on the beach” post — it’s a full-on “how is it legal to be this hot?” situation.

| @riize_official/Instagram

The young star recently uploaded a series of shirtless pictures from a beach holiday with his family, and the response has been nothing short of explosive.

| @riize_official/Instagram

BRIIZEs’ boy went all out, serving looks that could kill, with his muscles basically waving hello and his physique doing the most. It’s like he casually thought, “Hmm, how can I make everyone’s day better? Oh, I know, let’s break the internet.” And break it he did.

One of his posts on TheQoo skyrocketed to over 40,000 views, with the comment section turning into a wild mix of marriage proposals, jealousy over not being invited on this “family” getaway, and a collective plea for him to please, for the love of all that’s holy, put a shirt on (but also, maybe not?).

| @riize_official/Instagram
| @riize_official/Instagram

The charm of these posts isn’t just in Sungchan’s undeniable hotness — it’s in the way fans are reacting. It’s like everyone collectively decided, “Yep, we’re all married to Sungchan now, surprise!” The comments are a hilarious blend of admiration, faux outrage, and the kind of banter you’d only expect in a fandom that’s as much about the memes as it is about the music.

  • “Sungchan, I’m telling you I am f*cking tired”
  • “Sunchan is the future”
  • “I don’t want my husband’s photo to be in articles because I want to be the only person to look at it.”
  • “Please take this post down now that I saved the photo.”
  • “We’ve all seen the picture, so you can take it down now.”
  • “Babe, how can you call it a family trip when I’m not there?”
  • “Wow, crazy, his face is really handsome, and his body is fine too.”
  • “Ha.. oppa…”
  • “It’s a good thing I wasn’t at that beach for Sungchan’s sake. You have my attention.”
| TheQoo
| TheQoo

As we all try to recover from Sungchan’s shirtless escapades, let’s take a moment to appreciate the joy and chaos that K-Pop stars bring into our lives, one viral photo at a time. And Sungchan, if you’re reading this, keep doing you, but maybe warn us next time? Our hearts can only take so much.

Source: TheQoo