RIIZE’s Sungchan Proves He’s Always Been Handsome In Newly Released Middle School Graduation Photos

He looks just like a mini version of how he does today!

RIIZE is full of handsome visuals, not the least of which are former NCT members Shotaro and Sungchan.

RIIZE | SM Entertainment

And recently, new photos of Sungchan from his younger years were released that prove he’s always been good-looking!

Sungchan (RIIZE)

Sungchan was actually casted by SM Entertainment during his third year at Eonbuk Middle School, and eventually dropped out of Chungdam High School in order to focus on his K-Pop idol training. Because of that, the only graduation photos that the RIIZE member has is from his middle school graduation.

Sungchan in middle school

These photos from his middle school years, when he would’ve been in his pre-teen and early teen years, look just like Sungchan does today, albeit a bit smaller and younger-looking.

It’s clear why SM Entertainment would have wanted someone as talented and handsome as Sungchan was even back then!

Photos of Sungchan in elementary school have also been shared, and he looks absolutely adorable in them!

It seems he was athletic from a young age, and his smile is nothing short of precious.

It’s always a treat to get a peek at K-Pop idols’ lives before their debut and trainee days like this!