RIIZE Calls Out TikToker For Miscrediting ENHYPEN

Netizens think Anton commented.

TikTok user @usersame197ndeen33 recently posted a video dancing to RIIZE‘s “Talk Saxy” bridge. Yet, he credited another K-Pop boy group, ENHYPEN, in the caption.


Dc enhypen

♬ talk saxy bridge – πŸ˜›

Netizens called him out in the comments section of the video. Some also suggested it was “just a joke” to make more netizens comment, garnering views.


Yet, among these comments was none other than the official account of RIIZE. The group also called out OP (Original Poster) for crediting the wrong group.

So, OP replied to RIIZE’s comment by dancing to their song again. This time, he corrected himself.


Replying to @RIIZE dc enhy…. Riize

♬ talk saxy bridge – πŸ˜›

Fans joke that Anton is the one behind RIIZE’s active TikTok account. So, they suggested he was the one who replied.