RIIZE’s Wonbin Brings Fans To Their Knees With Newly Uploaded Selfies

“This man is so beautiful.”

RIIZE is still a very new K-Pop boy group, having just debuted back on September 4 this year. Despite their young age, though, the group has been getting a lot of attention (both positive and negative) already, like due in part to the fact that they’re under “Big Four” label SM Entertainment.

RIIZE | SM Entertainment

But besides the boost that being under a big label gives them, the members of RIIZE have proven to be just as talented as they are handsome, and arguably no member gets more praise for his visuals than Wonbin.

Wonbin (RIIZE) | SM Entertainment

It seems like whenever he posts any new pictures of himself online, it’s enough to get people talking, and his most recent selfies shared on Weverse are no exception!

| SM Entertainment

In the series of three photos, Wonbin shows off what seems to be his gorgeous bare face with flawlessly smooth skin.

| The Qoo

His long hair seems to be around to stay at least for a while longer, which many fans are happy about! Some people also think he looks a lot like NewJeans‘ Minji in these pictures.

| The Qoo

His collarbones are really popping in these pictures too, not to mention his hand, which is like a work of art in this last photo.

| The Qoo

Here’s how netizens are reacting to this latest series of pictures from Wonbin!

It’s exciting to think of how Wonbin’s visuals might continue to amaze us as RIIZE’s K-Pop career moves forward!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa