RIIZE Fans Come To Wonbin’s Defense Over Comments About His Height

“Get a life, it must be a new low to criticize something you can’t change.”

RIIZE‘s Wonbin has been getting a lot of positive attention since the group debuted just a few months ago. He quickly earned praise for his 2nd-generation-like visuals and overall handsome appearance, along with his undeniable performance abilities.

Wonbin (RIIZE)

He’s definitely one of the most-discussed fifth generation male K-Pop idols at this time, but of course, with this kind of fast popularity also comes forced hate and criticism, and Wonbin is no exception.

Out of all the members of RIIZE, Wonbin is among the shortest of the group. There hasn’t been an official announcement about what his actual height is, but estimates range from around 170cm-175cm (or about 5’7″-5’9″). And in a group where almost all of the rest of the members are between 178cm-187cm (5’10”-6’1.5″), Wonbin does admittedly look a bit on the shorter side.

Sungchan and Wonbin | Pann Nate

For example, in the above photo of Sungchan and Wonbin, the latter looks tiny in comparison to the former. But when you realize Sungchan is incredibly tall at 182cm (or around 6′), that helps to put things into perspective.

But that doesn’t keep people from criticizing Wonbin for his height — something he has no actual control over — and sharing pictures of him and the other RIIZE members that are meant to make him look as small as possible.

A photo of him on stage with aespa’s Winter and Karina was also included on the post criticizing Wonbin’s height, but the distance and positions that they are in relation to each other on stage makes it pretty much impossible to really tell how their heights compare.

Some of the “examples” also show Wonbin not standing straight while he’s performing, which of course makes him appear shorter too.

But regardless of how tall Wonbin really is, his height has no impact on his handsome visuals or his talents as a K-Pop idol. And thankfully, many people have come to his defense regarding this situation.

It’s frustrating when people force hate onto K-Pop idols just because they’re getting popular, and we hope that Wonbin isn’t affected by these kinds of comments!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa