“Wonbin Got Knets In A Chokehold” — Netizens React To The RIIZE Member’s Unreal Close-Up Visuals

“Something about his aura is out of this world…”

Even before RIIZE debuted a couple of weeks ago, Wonbin was already getting the attention of netizens due to his uniquely handsome visuals.

Wonbin (RIIZE)

In fact, it’s safe to say that he alone helped to get the new SM Entertainment boy group a good number of fans that might not have otherwise been too interested in them, and many have stayed around thanks to his and the other members’ charisma, charm, and talents!

Wonbin’s visuals have been the subject of many online forum posts in recent times, and yet another one has popped up due to how handsome he looks even in close-up shots from an Instagram story.

With a seemingly bare face and casual look, Wonbin’s androgynous appearance is making Korean and international fans alike swoon.

Some can’t help but compare him to legendary K-Pop heartthrob Jaejoong, who is known for having a similar kind of second-generation aura that is rarely seen in most groups these days.

He’s even more attractive in gif form!

Korean netizens left comments on the post praising Wonbin’s good looks…

  • “Not only his face, but something about his aura is out of this world…”
  • “His eyes are seriously gorgeous. So round and crystal-y…”
  • “He reminds me of a fragrant flower”
  • “I f*cking LOVE his face”

And international fans have done the same, showing just as much admiration for Wonbin’s visuals!

He’s definitely set to be one of the best-known visuals of the newest generation of K-Pop boy groups!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa