RIIZE’s Wonbin Short Hair Vs. Long Hair— Take Your Pick

This is totally his vibe.

Recently, SM Entertainment’s rookie development team congratulated RIIZE on winning multiple awards at the 33rd Seoul Music Awards. They released past trainee photos of the group to celebrate, which received much attention online.

RIIZE’s Wonbin | SM Entertainment

In the photos, member Wonbin received a massive response for his visuals. Wonbin, who has maintained a long hairstyle since debuting, revealed a shorter hairstyle in the old photos.

RIIZE’s Wonbin | SM Entertainment

His youthful visuals paired with short hair gained a positive response from fans.

RIIZE’s Wonbin | SM Entertainment

Compared to his hair style now, Wonbin just proved that hair doesn’t matter when you have visuals like him.

RIIZE’s Wonbin | @ONE_BILLION32/Twitter

K-Netizens that saw the photos could understand why they debuted him with long hair!

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Long hair suits his so well…keep your long hair forever please.”
  • “I like his short hair more.”
  • “His short hair makes his visuals stand out more.”
  • “Give the person who decided on long hair a raise!
  • “I like both styles..he looks handsome.”
  • “I can see why they debuted him with long hair. His unique style and aura is enhanced with long hair.”
  • “I love his long hair…”
  • “He suits both styles…although his long hair suits his character a bit more.”
  • “The long hair is more unique.”
  • “So freaking handsome.”
  • “Both are so handsome.”
  • “Long hair is good.”
  • “I can see why they made him grow his hair out before debut. He looks good with both but the long hair makes him more memorable and unique.”

What do you think? Which style do you like on him more?

Source: topstarnews and theqoo