Rival Kung Fu and Taekwondo Groups Had A Showdown In A Chinese Mall

It was like a scene from an action movie.

In a scene straight out of a martial arts movie, rival Kung Fu and Taekwondo schools brawled in the middle of a Changshu city mall.


On May 2, a group of black-shirted men, believed to be Kung Fu practitioners, came to blows with a local Taekwondo group in full few of mall patrons. Both groups of men were reportedly handing out promotional business flyers in the same area. While there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, things quickly escalated from a heated argument to a full-on brawl.


The brawl ended with the Taekwondo practitioners lying on the floor. Some news sources claim that the Taekwondo group had been “defeated”, but others have reported that the group members voluntarily lay down to comply with police.


The fight quickly ended when police arrived at the scene, and a total of 15 combatants were reportedly arrested. Video footage from the fight soon went viral and sparked “which martial art is superior” debates among netizens.


The legitimacy of the incident has also been called into question. Some netizens claim that the Kung Fu group were “gym bros”, not trained martial artists. Others believe the entire brawl was nothing more than a choreographed fight, a publicity stunt used to drum up business for both parties.

Source: SoraNews24