RM Explains Why BTS Changed The Lyrics Of “FAKE LOVE” For Their BBMAs Performance

They wanted to be safe.

During BTS‘s press conference for their latest album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear, RM explained why the group changed the lyrics to their title track “FAKE LOVE” while performing it at the BBMAs.

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Many ARMY’s watching BTS’s performance noticed that the song during J-Hope and Suga‘s rap parts sounded different than the released version.


This was because the lyrics for their parts included the Korean words “내가 (naega)” and “니가 (niga)”, which mean “I” and “You” in context for their song.

However to people unfamiliar with the Korean language, this could sound like they are saying a racial slur.


RM explained why the group decided to change the lyrics.

“There will be many people hearing the song for the first time, and when they hear that part that sounds like it is in English, there could be misunderstandings from that, so to prevent that, we changed the lyrics but made sure not to change how the song sounds.” — RM


He also praised Suga and J-Hope, who had to learn new lyrics for their performance.

“Suga and J-Hope, you worked hard.” — RM


Watch BTS’ performance of “FAKE LOVE” at the BBMAs below:


Source: Chosun