RM Opens Up On The Pressure Of BTS’s Fame—And The Negativity It Brings

Love from fans doesn’t come without negativity from others.

Although BTS has accomplished things that other artists have merely dreamed of and receives an overwhelming amount of love from fans, RM opened up about the pressure that comes from the group’s worldwide fame.

During the closing segment of their global BE press conference, a member of the press asked the group if they’ve ever felt the weight of everyone’s expectations from their fame.

Sticking to his honest personality, RM admitted that it was a constant feeling that he had to deal with. “I always feel pressure.” He then mentioned the downside of their fame.

Since BTS is so well-known, even individually, RM shared that they weren’t immune to all of the negativity that comes their way because of it.

Rather than letting those negative voices bring him down, RM used the love of ARMYs to keep going and stay strong. “I think we are supposed to cope with all of the noise that [comes with] the great love we receive as artists.

No matter how loud they become, RM and BTS can drown out the voices of those who wish them ill all because of fans who are always by their sides.