Producer Who Met Robert Holley The Day Before His Arrest Claims He Seemed Confused

“I saw him talked to himself a few times as well…”

A producer of the show Robert Holley appeared on the day before his arrest has claimed that he was behaving abnormally.

On April 9, News Prime reported their interview with Producer Kim Dae Kyu who was working with Robert Holley on a KNN television program. Producer Kim, who filmed with Holley the day before his arrest stated that he was not acting normal on that day.

Robert Holley was acting a bit differently from the way he usually acted on braodcasts.

ㅡ Producer Kim Dae Kyu


Producer Kim claimed that Holley seemed anxious and could not focus on the conversation.

Before filming, Robert Holley seemed anxious and he spoke very little as well. Even when Assemblyman Choi In Ho from the panel tried to be friendly with him, (Robert Holley) could not focus on the conversation.

ㅡ Producer Kim Dae Kyu


Moreover, he was even spotted talking to himself and his condition didn’t get any better.

I saw him talk to himself a few times as well. I assumed he would get more accustomed to the atmosphere once the filming began but the situation did not get any better. He frequently could not understand what people were saying.

ㅡ Producer Kim Dae Kyu


Producer Kim explained that current events variety programs generally required long takes on conversations revolving around a single topic. Due to Holley’s difficulty focusing, however, the production staff had no choice but to take breaks in between. After a difficult filming session, Holley was offered to join the staff for dinner but he apparently declined without much hesitation.

Due to the nature of current events variety programs, the filming required long-take techniques that revolved around one topic. This day, the production staff was forced to take breaks in between and we completed the filming with much difficulty. After the filming, we asked (Robert Holley) to join us for a meal but he said he had other business to attend to and quickly left.

ㅡ Producer Kim Dae Kyu

Source: MBC Sports Plus
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