Reporter Criticized For Asking Takahashi Juri An Inappropriate Question During Rocket Punch’s Debut Showcase

The way that the question was handled was perfect!

Rocket Punch made their debut today with their debut album, “PINK PUNCH” and the title track “BIMBAMBUM”. The girls held a debut showcase where a reporter asked an insensitive question to member Takashi Juri.


During her interview, she revealed why she chose to re-debut in K-Pop after graduating from the famous J-Pop group, AKB48. She explained that re-debuting in K-Pop is a new challenge for her, and she took the chance when Woollim reached out to her.

Challenging myself is very important to me. I wanted a new challenge so I came to Korea.

Woollim contacted me through email, so I told them that I wanted to debut in Korea. The company told me that they’ll support my new adventure, so I came to Korea. I’ve been very interested in Woollim since a long time ago, so I decided to trust them.

— Juri

Considering that she’s Japanese and was once a famous idol in J-Pop, a reporter asked her an inconsiderate question about the current political conflict between Korea and Japan. They asked how she feels as a Japanese debuting in Korea during this sensitive period.


Thankfully, the MC Haru quickly intercepted the question and responded on behalf of Rocket Punch and Juri. He explained that the difficult question cannot be answered at this time and asked for only questions regarding the group’s debut album.

Since this is a sensitive topic, it’s difficult to answer the question. I’m very sorry, but I ask for your understanding.

We’d appreciate questions regarding the album.

— MC Haru


Korea and Japan’s political tensions that have existed since World War II have recently erupted again as Japan threatened to slow down exports of materials essential to South Korean industries this past Friday. Thousands of Korean protesters have been marching the streets ever since, accusing Japan of an economic invasion.


Thanks to the quick thinking of MC Haru, Juri was able to avoid the insensible reporter’s question and go back to focusing on their debut celebrations!


Many netizens criticized the reporter for his inappropriate question and defended Juri who had only just debuted in Korea.


Takahashi Juri was well known as a member of AKB48, but she also gained lots of love in Korea after competing in PRODUCE 48 the past year.


Check out Rocket Punch’s debut MV for “BIMBAMBUM”!

Source: My Daily and NY Times