Rolling Stone lists Hyuna’s “Red” MV in its “10 Best Music Videos of 2014”

U.S magazine Rolling Stone wrapped up the 2014 year by listing its 10 Best Music Videos of the year, which included South Korea’s own Hyuna on the list with her music video “Red”!

Hyuna made a hot and sexy solo comeback in July 2014 with her third mini-album A Talk, experiencing success with her title track “Red.”

On December 29th, 2014, Rolling Stone named “Red” #5 in its “10 Best Music Videos of 2014” list, writing, “Hyuna’s K-pop hit is a schizophrenic mess, switching from trap and hip-hop to bubbly pop and slinky Middle Eastern electro. The video does its best to keep up: While rapid scene shifts follow the song’s structure, wild images bring its lyrics to life. ‘A monkey’s butt is red,’ goes the chorus, and on screen, a monkey with a bright red butt appears. ‘My lipstick is red…’ and just like that, Hyuna’s wiggling on a pair of giant lips. The part where Hyuna’s about to cry? That’s when she’s singing about being lonely. Some major Korean broadcasters thought the original video was too hot for TV, which means it might just right for an American crossover.”

Currently, “Red” has over 20 million views since its release last year.

Source: Rolling Stone