Rolling Stone names BLACKPINK one of the 10 new artists you need to know

Rolling Stone drops a new list titled “10 New Artists You Need to Know: September 2016,” naming YG Entertainment‘s BLACKPINK as one of the hottest artists this month.

Published on September 15th (KST), Rolling Stone describes BLACKPINK’s music as “A perfect marriage of K-pop and A-town trap,” and recommends the girl group to those who are fans of 2NE1, CL, Ariana Grande, and the “harder moments” of Fifth Harmony.

They further describe the rigorous training process each of the members underwent, ranging from between four to six  years. Member Jisoo was quoted saying, “I couldn’t believe it; it was such a long awaited debut that it was hard to tell if it was all a dream or not. However, once we did debut I also felt a sort of emptiness in my heart thinking that I’ve reached my goals. But now I have even bigger dreams to fill that emptiness. We’ve accomplished the first step by debuting, but I’d also like to achieve other bigger goals soon.”

The group then names Yang Hyun Suk as the mind behind their name, adding that it represents their two strong features: strong performers on stage but their natural selves off stage, just as black and pink are two contrasting colors.

BLACKPINK has become quite a successful rookie group, seeing positive results despite only having debuted a little over a month ago, acquiring three music show trophies for their title track “Whistle.” They are already working on their next album release.

Source: Rolling Stone