A Rolls-Royce Owner Who Handled A Car Accident In A “Noble” Way Turns Out To Be A Korean Actor

His kindness was a breath of fresh air.

Recently, there was an incident involving a Rolls-Royce car in an apartment parking lot, and it has been revealed that the car owner is a celebrity.

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On September 1, a woman in her 40s had a minor collision with a parked Rolls-Royce in the underground parking lot of an apartment complex at around midnight. It was reported that the woman immediately tried to contact the Rolls-Royce owner but received no response.

Only 12 hours later, she received a message from the car owner saying they would go and check the damaged area in a well-lit place. He also told her it was okay and thanked her for contacting him.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only. | Unsplash

It was later revealed that the owner of the Rolls-Royce was Kim Min Jong, who was extremely popular as both an actor and a singer. Kim Min Jong debuted as an actor in 1988 and was recognized for his roles in hit K-Dramas and movies, such as Guardian Angel (2001), The Return of Iljimae (2009), A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012), and Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days (2018).

Kim Min Jong in “A Gentleman’s Dignity” | SBS

He then made his singing debut in 1992 as a duo called The Blue with fellow member Son Jichang. The Blue had many hits in the 1990s and even won the “Singer of the Year Award” at the KBS Song Awards in 1994.

Kim Min Jong (left) and Son Jichang (right)

On September 5, Kim Min Jong commented on the Rolls-Royce accident.

The driver who caused the accident contacted me. It wasn’t a big deal, and since they are a fellow resident in the neighborhood, I took care of the repairs. Anyway, it ended well.

— Kim Min Jong

He also expressed his surprise that his simple act of kindness became such big news.

I’m flustered that this became such a big topic without any particular reason. I don’t have any particular thoughts on it; I handled it this way because we’re neighbors. I didn’t expect to receive this much attention.

— Kim Min Jong

| SM Entertainment

Netizens who came across Kim Min Jong’s story praised him as noble. Rolls-Royce cars are often seen as vehicles that people should avoid getting into an accident with because of their high cost and the expensive repair bills for their high-end car parts. Therefore, netizens reacted even more positively to Kim Min Jong’s actions, commenting that they would be grateful if this happened to them, too. Some were glad to hear such a “heartwarming story amidst the gloomy news these days.

Kim Min Jong left SM Entertainment in June of this year after first signing with the company in 2006.

Source: Money Today
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