Romeo members were involved in a car accident

Romeo had to cancel their fan meet today due to being involved in a minor car accident.

In a statement released on the group’s official Twitter, CT Entertainment revealed that the members were immediately taken to the hospital to get checked and that there were no major injuries reported,

“We would like to explain why the fan sign scheduled for March 30 was canceled.

There was a car accident while the Romeo members were heading to the fan meet location. We quickly brought the members to a hospital for an examination.

Examination results showed that there were no major injuries except for minor bruises and some muscle soreness.

The group will participate in their scheduled Music Bank and Music Core performances, but they will not participate in the customary entrance photos that groups usually do. We apologize to all Juliets who have been worried following the car accident, and we will do our best to help the members recover quickly.”

CT Entertainment

The Romeo members also expressed their thanks to their fans and told them not to worry as they are all in good health.

“I am so sorry for today, I do not have any major injuries so you don’t have to worry about me. I was so surprised about the situation earlier that I couldn’t even greet my fans properly… Juliets, please be careful heading home and once again, I’m so sorry.”

Romeo Seunghwan

“I’m sorry I surprised our Juliets and made you worry today. Thank you all for waiting right until the end. There were no major injuries so I’ll be okay very soon, please don’t worry. I’ll see you all tomorrow. Thank you Juliets and I’m sorry.”

Romeo Milo