ROMEO praised for their sincere fan service at “2015 Dream Concert”

Rookie boy group ROMEO have prepared heartwarming gifts and surprised their fans waiting in line for the 2015 Dream Concert.

On the afternoon of May 25th, ROMEO’s official fan cafe revealed multiple photos of the members preparing gifts under the post title, “ROMEO FIRST PRESENT BEHIND CUT.” In the photos, they were seen wrapping snacks, such as, crackers, candies, vitamin drinks as well as a personal signature photo cards and letters for the fans.

According to the post, the boys prepared special thank you gifts for the fans who came to support them at 2015 Dream Concert. In particular, many fans were fluttered and moved by the unexpected, yet pleasant gifts.

Meanwhile, ROMEO have made a successful debut with “Lovesick” by channeling their naive charms and charismatic choreographies. Although the rookie debut date marks less than month, the boys have already garnered a enough fan base to hold frequent fan-meets after completing their official schedules and promotions.

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Source: Star Journal