Rookie Actor Jeong Yoo Ahn Faces Sexual Harassment Investigation

He has stepped down from his drama as a result.

Rookie actor Jeong Yoo Ahn (20) has been investigated by the police on charges of sexual harassment and has stepped down from his upcoming drama as a result.


According to an affiliate of the police, the actor was investigated by the police after he was reported for sexual harassment.

“Jeong Yoo Ahn was recently reported for sexual harassment and was investigated by the police. An additional investigation still remains.”

ㅡ Police affiliate


Jeong Yoo Ahn had apparently made unreasonable demands in a state of intoxication towards a woman he met at a bar. As a result, the woman reported the actor for sexual harassment and he was investigated by the police.


Jeong Yoo Ahn’s agency, VAST Entertainment, admitted to the facts, stating that it was true the actor faced police investigations. Meanwhile, the actor, whose Instagram was open to the public just a day ago, has been changed to a private account.


As a result of the incident, Yoo Ahn has also stepped down from tvN‘s upcoming drama, That Psychometry Guy. He was set to take on the young Kim Kwon, a lead role in the drama, but production is now looking for a new actor for the role.

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