The Rookie Boy Group Going Viral Because Of A Shocking Video From Their Fan-Con Merchandise Line

They only debuted last month!

It seems as if new groups are debuting each month and showcasing just how popular they are. In particular, one rookie group that is going viral after showcasing their true influence is ZEROBASEONE (ZB1).

The group was first created through Mnet‘s show Boys Planet, where trainees for across the world competed for a chance to debut.

“Boys Planet” final | Mnet

After a grueling journey, they finally debuted in July…

The members of ZEROBASEONE | @ZB1_official/Twitter

Their song “In Bloom,” unsurprisingly took over the internet, and fans worldwide couldn’t get enough.


Over the months, the members have all gained so much popularity. It was only natural that the group would have a fan meeting, and it was held on August 15.

| @ZB1_official/Twitter
| @ZB1_official/Twitter

Yet, even before the show started, the group was going viral after netizens started sharing videos of the long queues for the group’s merchandise, hours before the event was even due to start.

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t get enough of the huge line. While some couldn’t understand how netizens could wait so long for merchandise, others shared that it showed the influence that ZEROBASEONE just a month after debuting.

As more and more international fans arrived at the venue, new photos and videos were posted and it continued to cement the number of fans who were waiting for merchandise hours before the event even started.

Some even compared it to the success X1 had, with many comparing the line for ZEROBASEONE to the one seen back in 2019 when X1 had their own fan event.

It has been just over a month since the group debuted, and ZEROBASEONE has already showcased their popularity and it will only continue to grow.

Source: @taeraerose/TikTok