Rookie Idol Group Cherry Bullet Reveals Some Of Their Bizarre Specialties

Machine gun? Long-range missile?

The rookie girl group Cherry Bullet revealed their profiles, which contained the members’ names, birthdays and positions in addition to a list of strange talents.


The talents that were listed in the profiles apparently refer to the members’ abilities in Cherry Bullet’s “universe.”


Cherry Bullet’s leader and main vocalist, Mirae, has the specialty of being a “happy virus.” She’d like to be someone who delivers happiness to everyone.

When looking closely at her robot character, you can see hearts coming out of it.


Bora‘s specialty is “magnifying.” This is because she may look petite, but her presence on stage magnifies.


Chaerin‘s specialty is “power booster.” She is a power booster because she is bright and energetic.


May has the specialty of “x-ray vision.” She can read people’s minds and make them like Cherry Bullet.


Jiwon‘s specialty is “machine gun.” She plans to shoot at everyone’s hearts with her charm.


Yuju‘s specialty is “long-range missiles.” Yuju plans to share Cherry Bullet’s charms from a long distance while Jiwon takes charge of the shorter distances.


Kokoro has the specialty of “healing.” SHe heals the hearts of people with her lovely charm.


Linlin‘s talent is “hacking.” She hacks everyone’s heart.


Haeyoon is a “shield.” She protects the other members with her powerful vocals as the oldest member of the group.


Remi‘s specialty is “rocket punch.” She will defeat the evil in the world through her rocket punch.

Source: Cherry Bullet
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