Rookie Girl Group Billlie Explain The Unique Meaning Behind Their Name

Get ready to stan Billlie!

Rookie girl group Billlie finally made their debut under Mystic Story Entertainment, and talked about the meaning of their unusual group name!

Billlie | @Billlieofficial/Twitter

The group was known as Mystic Rookies before they debuted, and were also hailed for being a group full of incredible visuals!

| @Billlieofficial/Twitter

They recently debuted with their mini-album the Billage of perception and title track “RING X RING”, and at their debut showcase, explained the innovative meaning behind their name!

| Mystic Story Entertainment

The members revealed that “BILLLIE” stands for the “B-side” of a person’s personality, and tries to show their inner sides to everyone. It combines the English name “Billie” with an extra “L”, to portray how they hope to connect and empathize with people by showing them their inner self, with a twist in order to create something special.

We want to make music that could warmly touch people‘s hearts.

—Moon Sua

| Mystic Story Entertainment

Check out their MV for “RING X RING” here!

Source: The Korea Herald