Rookie girl group Lip Bubble under fire for allegedly plagiarizing TWICE

Rookie girl group Lip Bubble is under fire for allegedly plagiarizing TWICE by copying their lyrics, concepts and choreography.

Zenith Media, the company that manages Lip Bubble as well as girl group WANNA.B and boy group ZEST, is being accused of stealing JYP Entertainment‘s ideas. Lip Bubble only just debuted but their song concept and choreography seem to closely match TWICE.

For Lip Bubble’s debut single, Popcorn, the group seems to have almost identical choreography to TWICE’s Cheer Up and Knock Knock. The concept of their entire single also closely matches Cheer Up, down to the same color scheme and minimalism.

Check out the similarities between Lip Bubble and TWICE below:

1. Concept

Twice’s teaser photo for Cheer Up
Lip bubble’s teaser photo

2. Choreography

Source: Instiz and Sporbiz