Rookie Girl Group Member Publicly Shows Support For #BlackLivesMatter, Agency Shut Down Her Instagram Right After

She spoke out about it, and her company shut her up.

Rookie girl group Secret Number‘s Texas-born member Denise had her Instagram shut down by her agency after she publicly supported the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Denise is a member of rookie girl group Secret Number, who debuted on May 19 with their first single “Who Dis?”. As she was born in Texas, she is fluent in English and shortly after the group’s debut, she already amassed 100,000 followers on her personal Instagram account, where she would post updates about herself and her group.

Recently, she decided to use her platform to show her support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, sharing a series of 3 Instagram stories, calling for change and donations towards organizations relevant to the cause.

This kind of thing should not happen again.

— Denise

However, shortly after her posts, all of her public social media disappeared. This included her Instagram, which was deleted, as her username no longer directs fans to her page…

As well as her public Soundcloud, which can no longer be found.

Fans are furious with VINE Entertainment for their censoring of Denise’s opinions, and are demanding an explanation of what happened.

The agency also even deleted her most recent selfie from the group’s official Instagram.

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