Rookie girl group Oh My Girl celebrates their 100th day since debuting!

WM Entertainment‘s new and only girl group under its label, Oh My Girl, celebrates their 100th day since debuting with the title track “Cupid” earlier this year.

Also home to boy group B1A4, who is set to make their return soon, WM Entertainment shared a photo of the rookie girl group celebrating their 100th day since debuting.

Holding a celebratory cake with a 1-0-0 candle lit, the eight girls give a cute smile towards the camera with some of the members creating a heart shape with their hands or giving out a peace sign.

Their Facebook post reads, “Oh My Girl celebrating 100 days since debuting, thank you everyone!! To everyone who has sent us your powerful encouragements and support to Oh My Girl since the beginning, we thank you for your support!”

#오마이걸 의 데뷔 100일을 축하해주신 여러분 감사합니다!!모든것이 처음이었던 소녀들에게 힘찬 격려와 응원을 보내주신 여러분들이 있어서 #OHMYGIRL 의 새로운 1일도 든든합니다.Thank you for your support! #더운열대야엔_HotSummerNights #앞으로도함께해요 #OHMYGIRLOfficialFacebook

Posted by 오마이걸 OH MY GIRL on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The girls additionally sent out individual messages to fans on their group Twitter account.

Hyojung“Hello~! Today is a really happy day^^ This is the first time I’ve celebrated my birthday after debuting and I was so touched by all the congratulations received so this will remain a good memory~! Thank you and I love you all ♥.”

Jiho“Found you Oh My Girl! Everyone~ It’s been…! 100 days since we first met! The fact that there will be more days ahead for us to spend together makes me really happy! Let us continue~ and create more good memories together~ Thank you and I love you ♥.”

Yooa“Hello~ This is Yooa! It feels like just yesterday when we stood up at the showcase stage, but it’s already been 100 days! It really feels like a dream. We were able to gain strength and promote as Oh My Girl due to all the people who were next to us who were giving us love and support! Thank you very much. And also, I love you ♥.”

Arin“Everyone~ Guess what day today is? ^0^ Today is the 100th day since Oh My Girl debuted! Time flew by so quickly and I spent every day happily! Please continue to watch over us and we will continue to show you our overflowing energy~ I love you.”

Jine“Everyone! It’s been 100 days since Oh My Girl debuted! Today is a really happy day! I wanted to be with you all to celebrate ㅠ However! We’ll be able to see each other soon!! Please be patient ♥ Though we say a lot, thank you for being reliable. I love you.”

Seunghee“Hello! Today is Oh My Girl’s 100th day since debuting! We spent those days happily receiving love from lots of people who showed their support for Oh My Girl! We will not lose our passion and will continue our efforts to work hard as Oh My Girl ♥ We love you, thank you ♥.”

Mimi“Hello~ This is Mimi! Do you know what today is? Today is the 100th day since the birth of Oh My Girl!! We will continue to work harder to repay for all the love you have given us! Promise to continue~ to be with us~!! Everyone… I love you.”

Binnie: “Hello~ This is Binnie! Today is the 100th day since we met! Because of all the love we received from everyone, we were able to spend those days happily~ Thank you for being reliable and helping us from the background, I love you.”

Hyojung“Hello! This is the candy leader Hyojung! Yesterday and today were such happy days for me! I am thankful and ove fans who have given Oh My Girl and the members their love! Thank you for everything, and I will become a better leader that will work harder~ Let’s continue on~ and be together.”