Rookie Girl-Group PIXY Announces Official Fandom Name

Their fans finally have a name!

ALLART Entertainment and Happy Tribe Entertainment‘s rookie girl-group, PIXY, have just announced their official fandom name!

| @official_pixy/Twitter

The fandom name is Wings!

The name was announced via the group’s official fancafe earlier today and the members will partake in a live broadcast tomorrow to celebrate the announcement!

Hello, this is ALLART Entertainment. Thank you for your unwavering love and interest in PIXY. We are revealing the fandom name that fans have been waiting for. Reflecting the opinions of the members, PIXY’s fandom name has been confirmed to be WINGS. The members’ V Live will be held tomorrow morning. To all WINGS! We ask for your continued love and support for PIXY. As always, thank you.

— ALLART Entertainment

Wings is also the name of their debut track, which was released in February.

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