Rookie group Seventeen reaches out to fans through live chat

Fans of Seventeen are thrilled as the group launched a live chat through their web show Seventeen TV on the latest episode, “Hoshi, Seungkwan’s Andromeda,” to create a more intimate fan experience.

In the episode, the 13 boys are seen coming in and out of the frame as they answer questions and talk about the preparations for their upcoming debut! Fans were excited to see the trainees’ new makeovers as they move into the final stages of development before their April debut.

The 13 members met fans through AfreecaTV, which hosted the live web event. Pledis Entertainment revealed that they are anticipating positive fan reactions toward the broadcast and decided to “air the pilot as a Lunar New Year’s special,” in addition, “Through AfreecaTV, [Seventeen] is a little closer to fans now [than before].

Pledis Entertainment’s upcoming group, Seventeen, has been in development since 2012 and has built a strong fan base after the creation of Seventeen TV, as fans became more familiar with the trainees’ names and faces. Originally, the team consisted of seventeen members with an average age of 17 at it’s inception.

However, it was recently confirmed that the group will debut with 13 members in April and are rumored to be begin promoting in Korea, China, and Japan immediately as the members have strong language skills. Fans are highly anticipating the long-awaited debut and this latest episode has netizens buzzing!

Source: Star News