This Rookie Idol Group Is Made Up Of All Actors

Check out these multi-talented rookies!

This is The Man BLK, a rookie idol group whose members are all actors!


The Man BLK is a 10-member boy group whose members include Jeong Jinhwan, Choi Sungyong, Eom Sewoong, Yoon Junwon, Lee Hyeongseok, Choi Chani, Go Woojin, Cheon Seungho, Shin Jeongyu and Kang Taewoo.


On November 10, the idol group held their debut showcase and presented themselves for the first time.


With their outstanding visuals and multiple talents, the group has attracted fans from around the world before even their official debut, with numerous international fan accounts already being opened.


And the members have been reaching out to their fans by actively participating in SNS, sharing photos and videos of their day-to-day activities.


They have also been meeting fans through their appearance on the web drama, Govengers, which has been airing since October 10. Govengers is a fantasy comedy web drama created by The Man BLK’s agency, Stardium, which features all members of the rookie group.



Meanwhile, The Man BLK will be holding their official debut stage with their title track “Free Fall” on today’s episode of M Countdown and their first mini album is set to drop at 6 pm today! Check out the teaser for “Free Fall” below:

Source: TV Daily