“Roommate – Season 2” makes way for “K-Pop Star 4” on SBS

SBS‘ variety show schedule will change as of November 2014. According to SBS’ statement released on October 30th, Roommate – Season 2 is to leave its current broadcasting slot in order to make way for K-Pop Star 4, which is scheduled to be broadcasted starting next month.

According to an affiliated member of SBS, K-Pop Star 4, with judges Yang Hyun Suk, J.Y Park (Park Jin Young), and Yoo Hee Yeol, will begin its broadcast on November 23rd during Roommate 2‘s current time slot. This change will result in Roommate – Season 2 moving to a new broadcasting time, every Tuesday at 11:15pm KST, starting on November 25th.

As Roommate – Season 2 has gained much popularity after the addition of new members to the show, SBS’ Happy Sunday believed that the show will do well on its own. Unfortunately, with the upcoming changes, the show Magic Eye will end after just four months of airing, with the last episode being broadcasted on November 18th.

Source: Newsen