Rosé Becomes The Final Solo BLACKPINK Member To Make The Cover Of ‘ELLE Korea’ In Stunning Photoshoot

What a power move!

BLACKPINK’s Rosé has just been announced as the cover model for this month’s issue of ELLE Korea! And, the stunning main vocalist’s latest magazine accolade makes her the fourth and final member of BLACKPINK to get her own ELLE solo cover.

Rosé is gracing the cover of the June 2020 ELLE Korea issue with four cover choices for fans to choose from. Three are in black and white, including this cover variation with Rosé wearing a gorgeous lace top and thigh-high heeled boots.

Another cover variation sees Rosé dressed in what looks like a distressed denim-on-denim ensemble, blending her feminine visuals with a more androgynous style.

The third monochrome cover features a glorious close-up shot of Rosé, highlighting her ski-slope nose and pretty eye shape perfectly.

Finally, there’s the full-color cover that many BLINKs have chosen as their favorite. It’s easy to see why—Rosé’s gaze here is truly mesmerizing.

Rosé herself, on the other hand, picked the double denim cover as her favorite on Instagram.

Alongside marking another milestone for Rosé, this cover shoot is also a major power move to BLACKPINK as a group. Now, all four members have been featured on the cover of ELLE Korea, one of the biggest style and beauty magazines in print today. Only the most popular idols are rewarded with solo cover shoots, and BLACKPINK are racking them up like crazy. They were also the first K-Pop girl group to grace the magazine’s cover back in 2017.

Jennie made it to the cover of ELLE Korea in October 2019.

Her shoot showed off a soft, pure vibe.

Jisoo got her own ELLE Korea cover in December 2019.

The rich warmth of her cover shoot made December feel like summer.

And Lisa’s ELLE Korea cover was published in February 2020.

Those colorful florals set the vibe for the upcoming spring season.

Let’s hope BLACKPINK keep up the all-kill streak with even more magazines. We can never have too much of their powerful visuals in our lives!