Here’s How Rosé’s Experience In BLACKPINK Helps Her As A Newly Debuted Soloist

“Back then, I had my fellow teammates to rely on…”

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently featured in an interview with the Zach Sang Show. Aside from talking about her dog Hank and the people she turns to when she’s struggling, she also discussed how her experience as a BLACKPINK member helped shape her solo debut.

| Zach Sang Show

The host, Zach, broached the topic by asking, “What did you learn from your time with BLACKPINK that set you up perfectly to release this solo project?

Rosé admitted that she would have struggled with a solo career if it were not for her experience as a BLACKPINK member. Throughout the years, she learned about the music industry and grew to understand how it works.

That’s a really good question because I have been talking about how this entire solo project has brought me to realize how much I actually have learned as BLACKPINK. If I were to do this all by myself since Day 1, then I would not be able to do it, like handling everything and just knowing how everything’s working.

— Rosé

Being a part of BLACKPINK also helped her experience the entire process of releasing music, which helped her acclimate well during her R promotions.

With BLACKPINK, we’ve worked so many hours straight on, so we have that kind of stamina to keep up with everything that’s happening and the whole process of releasing music. I’ve done that so many times with my members so that I’m experienced.

— Rosé

Even if she is now by herself as a solo artist, her past experiences have made her comfortable with the entire process. Moreover, it helps that she knows what to expect in her line of work.

Back then, I had my fellow teammates to rely on so I learned through that process, but now that I’m by myself doing it, I’m much more comfortable and I know what’s going to come.

— Rosé

Hear more from Rosé in the full interview below!

Source: Zach Sang Show