The Rose Gives Explanation About Jonghyun’s SNS Images In Their Music Video

The agency claims that they were unaware of the images.

The South Korean band, The Rose, has been in the center of attention for using Jonghyun’s Instagram pictures in their latest music video.

The Rose Allegedly Uses Images From Jonghyun’s Instagram In Their Music Video


After seeing Jonghyun’s pictures used as “decorations” in the music videos, fans began to trend the hashtag #더로즈_해명해 (#TheRose_Explain) and demanded an explanation from the band.


In response, The Rose’s agency, J&Star Company, has finally released an official statement explaining the situation:

“It seems that this type of issue occurred due to a lack of discussion in terms of the story as well as a difference in the understanding of the song during the production of the music video until the beginning of the filming. We have confirmed that the music video prduction company had used the images in question as props on set to signify remembrance and consolation by representing the late Jonghyun who unfortunately left this world after hearing that the song was ‘a song that contains the desire to be with and comfort those who are exhausted with the lonely and tough life’.” ㅡ J&Star Company


Moreover, they clarified that they and The Rose were not aware of the fact that Jonghyun’s images were in the music video until it was released.

“We did not use a particular individual who with a painful history with a commercial purpose or use the individual in an impure way for marketing purposes. We deeply apologize to the bereaved family and the agency SM Entertainment and sincerely apologize to fans who support The Rose as well as fans who love the late Jonghyun. The agency and production company are deeply apologetic in our minds for not being able to be more cautious and meticulous. Once again, we deliver our sincere apologies to all who have been hurt by this incident. We will do our best to prevent causing any further issues or causing any more damage.” ㅡ J&Star Company


Despite the explanation, netizens continue to criticize the band and the agency for their carelessness and some have even accused them of using the opportunity as a marketing tactic.

  • “Shouldn’t they have discussed such sensitive issues beforehand? They sure succeeded in noise marketing. How terrible Jonghyun’s fans and family must feel”
  • “Please don’t ever hurt Jonghyun’s family and fans ever again”
  • “They’re good at making excuses when they’ve already stolen the pictures lol how shameless”
  • “They’re human trash. How can they use noise marketing in this way?”
  • “They’ve hit the news and got the attention so they’re probably satisfied”
  • “I’m already hurt so what do you mean by you won’t cause any further damage?? Jonghyun being mentioned like this is precisely what I hate…Who are you trying to comfort and remember? You must be so happy now that you’re even on the news. Good job on marketing~~~~~”
Source: No Cut News and Nate