“I Want Your Other Stick”: The Rose’s Woosung, KARD BM, And Epik High’s Tablo Trade Lightsticks

Are KARD and Epik High finally getting lightsticks?

Epik High‘s Tablo, The Rose‘s Woosung, and KARD‘s BM are trading lightsticks.

The Rose’s Woosung
Epik High’s Tablo | MINDSET
KARD’s BM | DSP Media

Out of the three, The Rose is the only group with an official lightstick at this time.

Yet, Tablo previously revealed that while Epik High was signed to YG Entertainment, they had proposed lightstick ideas. The group wanted a middle finger, and naturally, the company shot that idea down.

Years later, Epik High is bringing that idea back. Tablo recently posted a video revealing the potential design.

Woosung replied on X (formerly Twitter), offering a trade. He would like to exchange one of The Rose lightsticks for Epik High’s new lightstick. Woosung even commented on Tablo’s post on Instagram, telling him to check the comments he left on X.

Additionally, Woosung provided evidence as to why he was deserving of Epik High’s lightstick. He also included a picture of The Rose’s lightstick, showing Tablo what he had to offer.

Tablo responded to Woosung’s comments on both Instagram and X, promising to send him a lightstick. He accepted the offer!

Yet, Woosung’s lightstick trading didn’t end there. KARD’s BM soon after teased on X that lightsticks are coming, but not for KARD, for Big Tiddie Gang!

Woosung again offered to trade The Rose’s lightstick. He also included photo evidence of why he felt he was deserving of a Big Tiddie Gang lightstick.

BM did not respond the way Woosung expected, though.

So, will Woosung get a Big Tiddie Gang lightstick? We may never know.