The Rose’s Woosung Gets Real About Sending Nude Selfies And Sliding Into DMs

He’s not shy! 👀

K-Pop idols are stereotyped as unable to have private lives, including dating. While it can be met with backlash by some “fans” when it becomes public, frankly, idols are people too, so naturally, they develop romantic relationships.

So, in a recent interview, The Rose‘s Woosung got real about his current romantic life as well as spicy topics, such as sliding into DMs and sending nude pics.

The Rose’s Woosung | @iwoosung/Instagram

Woosung appeared on Fuse‘s “Lie Detector Test” series. He was accompanied by his high school best friend, Peter, who acted as his interrogator and lie detector expert, John.

From left: John, Peter, and Woosung. | Fuse/YouTube

Early in the interview, Woosung revealed himself as a true “romantic,” even believing in “love at first sight.” Yet, he currently does not have a girlfriend.

| Fuse/YouTube

So, near the end of the interview, Peter pulled out the spiciest of questions. He asked Woosung not only if he had slid into someone’s DMs but if he ever slid into a fan’s DMs! Of course, Woosung is not the type to take advantage of someone in any way, so the answer was a hard “no.” 

| Fuse/YouTube

Peter: Have you ever slid into a fan’s DMs?

Woosung: Fan’s DM?! No.

John: True.

Woosung: No, never.

Peter then moved on to the topic of self-portraits sans clothes, better known as “nude selfies.” Woosung surprisingly revealed that though he couldn’t recall exactly, he had done it before.

| Fuse/YouTube

Peter: Have you ever sent a nude selfie?

Woosung: I don’t remember, but yeah…

John: True.

Although John said that Woosung was telling the truth, it was only partially true… Woosung actually did totally remember.

| Fuse/YouTube

Peter: Do you really not remember?

Woosung: No, I do remember. (Laughs)

One thing is for sure Woosung certainly isn’t afraid to go without some clothing for a few photos. He often appears, revealing some skin in professional photoshoots and his music videos.


Considering Woosung’s looks, we can’t really blame him! KARD‘s BM has inducted him into his “Big Tiddie Committee” (also known as Big Tiddie Gang), after all.

KARD’s BM Welcomes The Rose’s Woosung To The Big Tittie Committee

If you got it, flaunt it.

Watch Woosung’s full “Lie Detector Test” below:

Source: Fuse

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