Rowoon Gains Attention For His Shocking Height Difference With Upcoming K-Drama Co-Star Cho Yi Hyun

There’s basically a 30cm difference!

Since making his debut back in 2016, Rowoon has always gained attention for being one of the tallest male idols, officially being listed at 189cm (6ft 3), but many netizens think he is taller.

Rowoon | @ewsbdi/Instagram
| @ewsbdi/Instagram
| @ewsbdi/Instagram

While Rowoon’s height has always been magnificent, it’s the comparison between those he is with that surprises fans. Next to female idols and even some of the tallest male idols, Rowoon towers over them and showcases his unreal proportions.

Rowoon and Nako
Rowoon with SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, who is also known for being extremely tall

In his acting projects, netizens have also loved the height difference between him and his female co-stars, including the likes of Kim Hye Yoon, Jo Bo Ah, and Park Eun Bin.

Rowoon with “Extraordinary You” co-star Kim Hye Yoon
Rowoon and “Destined With You” co-star Jo Bo Ah
Rowoon and “King’s Affection” co-star Park Eun Bin

Rowoon is set to star  the upcoming K-Drama The Matchmakers (English title), starring alongside rising star Cho Yi Hyun.

On September 22, new photos were released from the script reading of the show.

Rowoon at the script reading | KBS
Actress Cho Yi Hyun | KBS

In particular, two photos caught the attention of fans as they showcased the unreal height difference between Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun, who stands at 160cm.


When the photos were shared, netizens couldn’t get over the adorable height difference between the two.

Of course, it also led to fans looking back at the height differences between Rowoon and his other female leads, and they’re all as shocking as each other.

For every role Rowoon has, he will undoubtedly tower over his female co-stars or those he works with. Yet, the idol continues to showcase his professionalism by never making it look awkward.

Source: Newsen