Roy Kim To Make His First Comeback Since Being Cleared Of The Jung Joon Young Chatroom Scandal

It’s his last comeback before enlisting in the marines.

Roy Kim is finally making his first comeback in 2 years after he was caught up in the Jung Joon Young Chatroom scandal. Last year, he was first accused of participating in the infamous chatroom that contained multiple male celebrities and high profile businessmen who drugged, raped, sexually harassed and illegal spread sexcams of women.

But Roy Kim’s case was suspended by prosecution and he personally explained his side of the story. He had explained he was never a part of the group and had only contacted Jung Joon Young with an inappropriate screenshot in an effort to shut down false rumors.

After successfully graduating from Georgetown University and clearing his name in the scandal, Roy Kim has decided to enlist in the marines for his mandatory military service duties.

As his last comeback before enlisting for the next few years, Roy Kim decided to make a comeback to greet his fans who had been supportive through the difficult time.

His comeback is set for the end of May, and he will enlist soon after.

Roy Kim, who had suffered during the past year, will be making a comeback at the end of May before his enlistment.

— Roy Kim’s Agency

Source: The Fact
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