Roy Kim Under Investigation After Being Discovered In Jung Joon Young’s Chatrooms

He was discovered in the chatrooms.

Popular male singer Roy Kim is under investigations after it was revealed he was a part of the chatrooms with Jung Joon Young.

Previously, it was announced that a famous male celebrity who was only identified by his surname Kim is currently under police investigation after it was discovered that he was a member of Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms.

According to Sports Kyunghyang, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency are currently coordinating the investigation schedule with Roy Kim’s side. The police will investigate his connection with Jung Joon Young, who was charged with filming and distributing illegal videos.

According to the report, Roy Kim was one of the participants in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young where he distributed illegally filmed videos. The police plan to investigate to determine whether Roy Kim simply saw the video, or if he also participated in distributing the videos.

The police will investigate 13 of the 16 people who were revealed to also be a part of the chatrooms. As of the morning if Tuesday, April 2, 7 people from the chatrooms have been booked, and that number could increase based on further investigations. 16 people were part of a total of 23 chatrooms with Jung Joon Young.

Roy Kim’s agency Stone Music Entertainment has stated that they will check with him regarding the allegations.

We have not yet heard anything about this. He is currently in the United States for school so we will have to check with him.

— Stone Music Entertainment

Source: Sports Chosun

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