Roy Kim Could Possibly Turn from Witness to Suspect According to SBS News’ Police Informant

He is currently being summoned by the police as a witness or testifier of the case.

In light of recent reports of Roy Kim having participated in Jung Joon Young‘s chatroom, SBS’s 8 O’Clock News revealed what a police informant working on the case had to say about it.

On the 23rd of last month, the police discovered evidence suggesting that illegal videos were uploaded in one of Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms that was also joined by Roy Kim.

Regarding this report, a police informant stated, “We’re planning to investigate whether Roy Kim simply looked at the illegal videos that were shared in the chatroom, or if he uploaded and shared them himself.”

The police informant continued to express their opinion on the matter and added, “Roy Kim was simply summoned as a witness, but we can’t exclude the possibility that he could become a suspect throughout the investigation.

Roy Kim is currently in the States due to his studies, but his agency recently stated, “Roy Kim is currently studying in the United States, and is arranging his schedules so that he can fly back to Korea as soon as possible for the investigations.”

Source: Naver News
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