Roy Kim Wants You To Help Him With His Senior Thesis

When he’s not blowing everyone away with his ballads, Roy Kim is studying hard.

Roy Kim is an incredibly talented soloist. His ballads make fans all around the world incredibly emotional which is in no small part due to his amazing vocal ability. He has been steadily increasing in popularity for the past few years and has contributed to soundtracks for some of the biggest dramas in recent memory.

When Roy isn’t singing his heart out to huge crowds or tinkering with his music he’s studying hard to get his degree. Roy studies sociology at Georgetown University in Washington D.C, it must be very taxing to alternate between studying and pursuing a music career but Roy appears to be killing it in both right now!

On his Twitter account, he revealed that he needed help from his fans to complete his senior thesis which is on the “change in the image of South Korea due to the expansion of Korean pop music”.

This may the most excited you’ll ever be to participate in a survey!