Roy Kim will contribute to the OST for the SBS drama “Pinocchio”

For the SBS drama PinocchioRoy Kim will be recording an OST track in order to depict a more emotional sensation for the character Dalpo.

The drama revolves around a condition called “Pinocchio Syndrome” which causes the person to hiccup whenever they told a lie. The story relates to the famous tale of the boy whose nose would grow longer every time he lied. In this drama, Roy Kim will be making his debut as a singer for the “Pinocchio” OST.

Roy Kim’s new song, “Pinocchio” represents the feelings of the main character Dalpo, played by actor Lee Jong Suk. The track enunciates the feelings that Dalpo has for In Ha, the girl who has Pinocchio Syndrome, played by Park Shin Hye.

Producers said that, “Roy Kim tried his hardest and wished ‘Pinocchio’ good luck. He took care of the staff during shooting and not once did he ever lose his smile. Because of him I was able to have a pleasant filming.”

Roy Kim responded, “Since the drama had a beautiful story, I sang it with all my heart. I hope viewers will find the drama entertaining.”

The song will be released on November 27th.

Source: My Daily