Only Royalty Can Have Their Faces On The Burj Khalifa, Now EXO Is Part Of That Group

EXO’s faces on the Burj Khalifa.

EXO is definitely considered royalty to their fans, but this classy effort from their Baidu Bar just proves it even more, at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. 


The LED projection at one of the world’s most famous buildings had only ever been used for royalty, nation’s flags and major holidays such as New Year’s. However, the grand gesture from fans to purchase this display allowed EXO to be branded all over the LED projection. 


EXO-L’s received international praise for this project as EXO will be the first Korean act to be ever featured in the display. There were no details on what specifically would be shown during the LED display when it was first announced.

EXO-L’s Show Their Class By Promoting EXO On The Tallest Building In The World


The building’s official page already started promoting the event prior to its scheduled slot on July 14th at 8pm local time, complete with an example of what will be seen by locals and fans!


Just how many local EXO-L’s present to witness this historic moment?!?