Rumors About A Potential Solo Album From DAY6’s Young K Have MyDays Freaking Out

Nothing is confirmed, but fans are still over the moon at the idea!

DAY6‘s Young K might have a solo album coming out soon, and MyDays are totally freaking out!

Young K from DAY6. | @from_youngk/Instagram

It all started when Twitter user @youngk_zzang posted this photo of what appears to be details of an upcoming mini-album by Young K titled Eternal.

Rumored details of a mini album titled “Eternal.” | @youngk_zzang/Twitter

Though it is not an official announcement from the artist himself, the website this photo may have come from has accurately predicted K-Pop releases in the past.

The original Twitter account that posted the screenshot has been deactivated and no further information has been found. But fans are still hopeful that the rumors are true! Some have pointed out that the title would be a perfect match with Young K’s real name, Kang Young Hyun, which means “eternal sunshine.”

Young K has a history of cleverly incorporating his name into his music, like his collection of covers on YouTube that is under the project name “YOUNG ONE.” “Young one” is a play on the word young-won, which is Korean for “eternity.”

Young K’s cover project titled “YOUNG ONE.” | DAY6/YouTube

Last year during a livestream, Young K told fans that he didn’t have a solo album prepared yet but that he would “work on it.” Some fans are hoping that this is the project he was talking about!

Recently, during an online concert from the sub-unit Even of Day, Young K performed an unreleased song titled “Want To Love You” and mentioned that they have “future albums” coming out. MyDays speculate that “Want To Love You” could be a track off of his rumored EP.

MyDays are loving the idea of Young K releasing his own mini-album and hope that the rumors are true!

Fans are also reminding others to not mention the project to Young K, as it has not been confirmed, and also to avoid any awkward situations or complications.

Whether the rumors are true or not, there’s no denying that MyDays are more than ready to support any future projects from Young K and the other DAY6 members!

Source: Instagram