Rumors Suspected MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo To Be Leaving Group, Both Agency and Yeonwoo Deny

She clarified where she has been.

Online rumors suspected, after noticing MOMOLAND Yeonwoo‘s lengthened hiatus from the group’s activities, that she might be getting ready to leave the group. Fans grew extremely concerned as the rumor spread quickly and more alleged “proof” of Yeonwoo’s absence surfaced.


The strongest reasoning behind the speculation involved Yeonwoo being away from the group and not participating in its official schedules for the past month – due to health issues, according to the agency. Yet in the meanwhile, Yeonwoo was spotted attending her friend’s birthday parties and other personal get-togethers. Rumors suggested that such actions could only mean that Yeonwoo is trying to quit the group.

MOMOLAND’s most recent departure out of Korea without Yeonwoo


In fact, the rumors became fueled when a friend of Yeonwoo posted a questionable post on her social media account, pointing out that Yeonwoo is “soon to be Dabin”. Dabin is Yeonwoo’s legal name. Fans speculated that this caption could hint at the fact that Yeonwoo is leaving the group and returning to being her old self as Dabin.


However, MOMOLAND’s agency MLD Entertainment strongly denied all rumors related to Yeonwoo’s possible departure from the group and clarified that the Instagram post does not mean anything.

Yeonwoo is busy filming a K-Drama at the moment. Dabin is Yeonwoo’s legal name, but that’s it. We checked with Yeonwoo about the post. She said her friend posted the picture and caption on Instagram. We’re not sure what could have led to the rumors.

— MLD Entertainment Associate


Yeonwoo later posted on the fan site herself, explaining why she had been MIA from group activities and promising the fans that she will forever remain a MOMOLAND member.

This really caught me off guard, but I’m writing as soon as I could because I know my fans probably feel surprised and hurt right now. I’ve been occupied with filming a drama. I just wasn’t able to openly share the details about it.

— Yeonwoo


Yeonwoo added that she was focusing on the drama quietly so that she can eventually wow her fans with her dedication and hard-work. Unfortunately, Yeonwoo pointed out, this lack of communication may have caused the rumors to kindle.

The pictures of me on social media were taken when I had the time to go see my friends acting in plays or musicals. And the birthday party, I did attend but only to drop off a gift. I wasn’t feeling well that day. Regardless of the details, I am sorry about the misunderstandings and that I made it possible for such rumors to spread.

— Yeonwoo


In the conclusion of her heartfelt message, Yeonwoo reassured the concerned fans that she is not leaving the group.

I’m so sorry for breaking your hearts like this. I know MOMOLAND and I are your #1 priorities. I’ve asked my friends to be cautious of what they post. I will also work on being more responsible with what I do. Again, I’m sorry for causing you all to worry. But I will always be, like I’ve always been, a part of MOMOLAND.

— Yeonwoo

Source: No Cut News and Star News