BTS’s Jimin Proves To Be A Fair Player As He Declines Any Help From Staff Members

He is always about playing fair.

In the most recent episode of Run BTS!, the members continued to play different games in order to be the first one to go home.

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For BTS’s Jimin, he was currently in first place with just one mission left! With his eight years of experience as a Kendo player, he looked ready as ever for the bottle challenge…

…only to become the only one left after all the other members succeeded and moved on!

As he continued to struggle with the mission, the staff members tried to show him an easy way to win the game.

Jimin however, declined the offer. “I’ll just do it the way I’ve been doing it. I don’t want to play unfairly after all the other members succeeded.”

After taking another deep breath, he took one more go at the bottles and finally succeeded with the mission!

Did you see this everyone? There is nothing you can’t do if you do it until the end. Today’s lesson…if you try until the end, you will achieve it!

— Jimin

In a previous interview, Jimin’s mindset about life could be seen as he revealed who his favorite superhero was.

I like the hulk the best out of the Avengers. Most people like iron man, but I like the way he doesn’t stray away from anything and punches in almost a stupidly honest way. It’s cool to see him fight whatever is in his way without any tricks up his sleeve.

— Jimin

So overall, Jimin has proved to us that anything can happen if we put our mind to it! This type of mindset is one we could all learn from!

Source: theqoo