BTS’s Jungkook Showcased He Had Perfect Pitch In The Most Iconic Way, And The Members Had The Best Reactions

“The musical prodigy Jungkook!”

It seems like there is no end to the list of talents BTS‘s Jungkook has, which contributes to his title of “Golden maknae.” There doesn’t seem to be anything he can do from his immense talent, dazzling visuals, and charming personality. During the latest episode of Run BTS!, Jungkook might have added a new talent to his list.

BTS’s Jungkook | HYBE Entertainment

After trying their hands at decorating, the staff thought that the members deserved a proper break. BTS was going to be going on a staycation in a hotel, but the catch was that they would be in separate rooms and could only communicate through video calls.


Of course, being Run BTS!, it wasn’t going to be as easy as that. To determine which members would get each room, the group was set several tasks.

The first one was a perfect pitch test, and it was to determine who would get the biggest room. The staff would press a number of bells in a specific order to create a tune, and the members had to replicate that pattern.


At first, none of the members seemed to believe that they had perfect pitch. Yet, despite Jin‘s belief that Jungkook would be perfect at it, the maknae was less sure, adding, “I know the notes, but I don’t know the notes’ names.”


After the first round, the members seemed flustered and were even more hesitant after finding out that they only had one shot, including Jungkook, who seemed more confident than the others.

Yet, with some encouragement J-Hope, Jungkook went in. Unsurprisingly, even after having to do it again for clarity, Jungkook managed to perfectly imitate the pattern with ease!


Although ARMYs might have expected nothing less from Jungkook, the members couldn’t hide their shock and had the best reactions to this epic win. As expected, leader RM was extremely proud of Jungkook, saying, “This is a legend. I’ll admit it.”


In particular, member J-Hope couldn’t seem to hide his pride for the youngest member, and it was adorable AF. Even after his initial shock had subsided, J-Hope was still so excited to see what Jungkook could do.

Seriously. Even though he’s in our group, not only does he bend the arm inward, it bends outwards. It’s been ten years since we met, but this is the coolest you’ve looked.

— J-Hope


Unsurprisingly, after his fantastic performance, there was no denying that he deserved the biggest suite in the hotel. He also cemented his status as one of the stars in K-Pop and reiterated just how talented he is!

Source: VLIVE