BTS’s “Teacher Jin” Scolded Jungkook For Being Annoying AF

Jin was fresh out of patience on “Run BTS!”

Teacher Jin had his work cut out for him, thanks to a class of unruly students!

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On October 20, BTS‘s popular variety show, Run BTS!, returned with classroom games and pure chaos. Episode 112 began with the members (minus Jin) choosing partners to play a Korean word game, followed by “spot the difference”.

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Jin struggled to keep his class (and their sass) under control, but one annoying student got on his last nerve.

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Was it RM?

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Suga? Surprisingly, no.

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Between games, V entertained himself by turning his desk into a drum. Jungkook joined in with RM…

…and got a little carried away.

His drumming was so loud and distracting, that Teacher Jin snapped.

“Be quiet!” he thundered, then exiled Jungkook for punishment. “Get out! Get out and keep your hands raised!” 

With a teacher like Jin and classmates like BTS, school would never be boring! Read more about this episode here:

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