“Running Man” Actress Jeon So Min Reveals Her Ex Boyfriend Is A Former Idol

“We loved each other a lot.”

In the latest episode of Running Man, actress and regular cast member Jeon So Min reveals her dating history.

Jeon So Min

She fondly explains her love life from her college days, and reveals that she used to date an idol.

She doesn’t reveal her ex-boyfriend’s identity. Although, castmates Yang Se Chan and Kim Jong Kook seem to have a pretty good guess of who he is.

  • Jeon So Min: He wasn’t in a popular group. A relatively unknown idol.
  • Yoo Jae Suk: I see.
  • Yang Se Chan: [Says the idol’s age censored.]

 Doesn’t he have an English name? (with Initials censored.)

— Kim Jong Kook

Yang Se Chan also reveals that he knows who it is, because he told him would be on Running Man, and that he knew of jeon So Min.

Who do you think Jeon So Min’s former idol fling is?



Source: SBS Running Man

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