Running Man Cast Will Attend Their PD’s Wedding Before Heading Overseas For Their Missions

Many of the cast members will also be taking part in the wedding!

The members of Running Man will be celebrating the wedding of their PD, Lee Hwan Jin, before heading overseas!

Lee Hwan Jin on the right, during Episode 90 of Running Man.


PD Lee Hwan Jin will be getting married on June 9th in Seoul, and Yoo Jae Suk will be presiding over the wedding ceremony.


Running Man member Kim Jong Kook will be singing a congratulatory song at the wedding, as well as trot singer Hong Jin Young,who recently participated in the family project on Running Man.


The remaining cast members of Running Man will be showing their support by attending the wedding as guests.


After the wedding, the members of Running Man will be heading overseas to start filming for upcoming episodes of the show.


Lee Hwan Jin joined SBS in 2010, and began working as an assistant PD for Running Man. In 2016, he was promoted to one of the main PD’s of the show.


Congratulations on your wedding, Lee Hwan Jin!

Source: TV Report