“Running Man” Comedian Yang Se Chan Publicly Apologizes To Look-Alike “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actor Joo Jong Hyuk

You can’t unsee it!

Comedian Yang Se Chan publicly apologized to rising actor Joo Jong Hyuk.

Yang Se Chan | YNA

Joo Jong Hyuk | Joongang

In the August 29 episode of JTBC‘s variety show, Talkpawon, the panel spoke about celebrities that looked alike. On the show, comedian Jun Hyun Moo started the show by stating that someone should apologize.

Before anything, I believe someone here should apologize. There is someone here that breaks my immersion with drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

— Jun Hyun Moo

Yang Se Chan (left), Jun Hyun Moo (middle), and Kim Sook (right) | JTBC

Jun Hyun Moo then went on to state that due to Yang Se Chan’s similar appearance to Joo Jong Hyuk, who plays Kwon Min Woo in the drama, he couldn’t focus on the show.

Every time I watch Kwon-Tactician (Kwon Min Woo), I think of Yang Se Chan due to their similar look.

— Jun Hyun Moo

When seeing the actor and comedian side by side, many on the panel agreed that Yang Se Chan and Joo Jong Hyuk did indeed look similar.

Yang Se Chan then stated offered a funny anecdote that happened due to his similarities with the actor.

Not too long ago, I went to eat at a restaurant when the worker told me they enjoyed watching me on the drama. I thought to myself, ‘What drama are they talking about?’ Turns out, they were talking about Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

— Yang Se Chan

Yang Se Chan then apologized for looking similar to the actor. The show then revealed a surprise interview with Joo Jong Hyuk, where he responded to the comedian’s apology.

It’s all good, Se Chan hyung. Next time, just give me a hug.

— Joo Jong Hyuk

This isn’t the first time that the two celebrities have been linked together. Recently, there have been many viral posts on social media alleging the two’s similarities.

Do you see a resemblance?

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