[★TRENDING] “Running Man” finds Lee Kwang Soo’s hidden files containing 18+ adult videos

Running Man creates havoc surprising Lee Kwang Soo in his home and finding some interesting videos on his personal laptop. 

On the May 17th episode of Running Man, the cast members surprised Lee Kwang Soo in his house after receiving a secret mission involving obtaining six items. As the latest episode focused on the show’s youngest member, the cast fulfilled their secret mission under the context of a housewarming party, distressing Kwang Soo.

Furthermore, as the cast rummaged through his place, Ji Suk Jin announced that he found adult videos on his files and scolded the member for not emptying his recycle bin. It was also revealed that Suk Jin found at least three to four videos on his computer, causing laughter on the set.

Source: ENTNews