[★BREAKING] Running Man Under Fire After Penis Grabbing Incident

SBS‘s Running Man is under review for breaking broadcasting review regulations for inappropriate touching.

An episode of Running Man broadcast on April 2 is currently an item on the subcommittee’s list at the Korea Communications Standards Commission for breaking article 27 of broadcasting regulations.

HaHa and actor Choi Min Yong had to wrestle each other to be given the opportunity to answer a quiz question.

HaHa immediately reached out and grabbed Choi Min Yong between his legs, and didn’t let go until Choi Min Yong pried his hands loose.

According to an official from the Korean Communications Standards Commission, this episode contained unethical and immoral actions that broke their regulations.

“‘Running Man’ has been added as an item on the Korea Communications Standards Commission annual subcommittee conference this coming May 10.

One guest showed inappropriate behavior by grabbing a vital body part of his opponent’s in a game where participants had to withstand pain.”

— Official from the Korean Communications Standards Commission

The article states that all broadcast programs must respect the viewers’ ethical and moral values, and keep the programs dignified and decent for all viewers.


Watch the segment here (00:42).

Source: Star News